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I have the CoolerMaster HAF 922 case (the one without the side fan) and I am installing a Thermalright Silver Arrow and was wondering the best was round to mount it to get best airflow results?

Thanks in advance, Rich.
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  1. Horizontally for sure in that case. Keep the air flowing one way. I'm guessing that's what you were asking? Vertical mounting isn't awful but it tends to drag air from the GPU which in turn increases temps.
  2. Orient the cooler exhaust hot air toward the back exhaust fan. You want a clean airflow where the air goes from the front of the case, across the CPU, and the hot air sucked out the back. All fans in this line should be blowing the same direction (out the back of the case).

    You can also do the same with a top exhaust fan config as well. I prefer the first option because you also should have front case fans pulling cool air into the case.

    Good luck!
  3. The reason I asked is because I can orient it too send the hot air either out the top fan, or out of the rear fan. It also doesn't cover my ram as much if it is facing to exhaust out the top fan?
  4. Understood. Orient out the back. Darth made a great point regarding heat from the GPU as well. Orienting out the back will preclude that from being an issue.
  5. as I say if you exhaust out of the top your temps will suffer from the GPU's hot air.

    Horizontally means the air is dragged from the front to the rear much more smoothly reducing your ambient temps as well.
  6. Doesn't the GPU exhaust out of the PCIE slot on the back of the machine?
  7. richi3d10 said:
    Doesn't the GPU exhaust out of the PCIE slot on the back of the machine?

    Yes, but it still generates excess heat that remains inside the case. That heat dissipates and removed from the system via the airflow of your fans. You don't want to pull that excess heat directly into your CPU heatsink if you can avoid it.
  8. Ok thanks for all the information, will mount horizontally
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