Possible Graphics Card problems

Hello everyone first time on TH but I always seem to end up here when I need a problem solved so I've read on here a bit.

Anyway I believe there may be something wrong with my graphics cards. Firstly my specs:

Gigabyte p55a-ud3r motherboard
i7 870 o/c to 3.6ghz with corsair h60 cooler
2 x HD5850s in cfx
Silverstone Strider Plus 750W ST75F-P PSU
8 gb corsair xms3 1600 ram
Running games off of a Samsung Story USB 3.0 2TB External Drive

Basically I think my cards are not loading textures properly. The first game I noticed it in was Mass Effect 3:

Then I noticed problems in Skyrim:

I tried different things as suggested by others on the steam forum thread I made about it:

with single 5850:

Settings on medium(I normally play high): and

older graphics drivers:

This screenshot is probably the best in terms of what i'm concerned with:

My companion has all ebony armour on. As you can see the gauntlets and helmet look clear but the ebony mail chest piece does not. It's as if it hasn't been loaded fully.

Sorry about the long post. I appreciate any help.
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  1. When you used a single HD 5850, did you try both of them or just one of them?
  2. I physically took a card out
  3. Tested out both?
  4. Take them both out 1 at a time and use them both in the same(the first) PCI-e slot. Dont just test 1 and not the other.
  5. hi everyone sorry for the late replies. In testing out both graphics cards individually I decided to put one card in the second pci-e x16 slot running at pciex4. This seems to fix my problem. The textures were loading fully and the game looked good again.
    So i'm assuming it's the pci-ex16 slot running at pciex16 which is the problem.

    Slot 1 (PCIEX16): &

    Slot 2 (PCIEX4): &

    The difference is quite clear. Anyway I was talking to a mate on steam about this who suggested that I may have bad ram. I did a check and low and behold the ram I have: is not compatible with the motherboard i've got:

    now in the memory support list the ram is not listed. Before everyone goes and says you're an idiot, the computer guys at my local store gave me this ram. Since I figured they'd know what they were doing I never bothered checking.

    The question I have is do I have a bad pci-e slot or is it the ram? And if it is the ram, why do the screenshots look normal in the second slot and bad in the first? I've never had a problem with this set of ram so i'm not sure what to think anymore.

    Sorry for the rant guys. Any help or suggestions are appreciated.
  6. Actually, that RAM is compatible. It isn't realistic for a motherboard manufacturer to list out ALL the RAM in the world in the specs. Remember, new RAM come out every day.

    It's bad PCI-e slot most likely. I'd RMA the motherboard.
  7. hey guys looks like the computer gods smiled on me.
    My local computer store where I bought my pc told me to run a program called driversweeper after I uninstalled graphics drivers. well i did this and had a lot of trouble re-installing my graphics drivers so I did a system restore and was gonna take it in but next thing you know all is good. Primary slot works perfectly now. I also did a motherboard update so in the process of all that, everything worked itself out. Might go make a system restore while all is working. Thanks for the help!
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    So it was driver issue after all. Glad you solved it!
  9. Glad to see it's sorted out! :)
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