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I'm not necessarily having any problems; just curious. I recently started using CPUID Hardware Monitor and was trying to learn more about safe temps. It is showing my core temps at around 45C when idle and in the low 60's C after gaming for about an hour. I tried looking up a good range, but I've seen some people say temps as high as 80 C are normal under load. Elsewhere, I saw that it should never get more than 60 under load. So not really sure.
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  1. I have the 8200, same tcase temp max listed. How does that relate to core temps, though? Is the tcase the casing around the cores? Is the max temp for the tcase the same as the max temp for the cores?
  2. Try to keep your temperature around or below the Tcase temperature. So if you are using temperature monitoring software you will view the temps of around 71c as if you were running hot. Just in case the processor has an automatic shutoff at tcase +20c called Thermtrip but if you are reaching this tempature you maybe damaging other components.
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