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My plan for a silent HAF 912

So my build is:

z77x-UD3H Gigabyte mobo
i5-3570k w/ Enermax ETS-T40 T.B.SILENCE
Gigabyte HD 7950
G skill 4g
Rosewill R600 Stallion series 600w psu

Currently I have my setup sitting in a rosewill challenger, but it is noisy and I don't like the options for fans on the challenger case. So my plan is to make a very silent air cooled case. I figured I would go for a $50 case with good options for fans(HAF 912) and just buy nice silent fans. From what I have read the HAF 912 comes with pretty good silent fans to begin with and all of the other spots for fans in the 912 are pretty uniform(x5 120mm).

So what I am doing is buying some 120mm TrueQuiet fans(x4) to install onto the HAF 912. Do you guys think this would make a decent setup?

Thanks for the input
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    CM HAF 912 is probably the best case for the money. It has very good ventilation, and in my opinion is a great deal.

    You won't be disappointed, as you will have good airflow, and it will probably make it less noisy.

    It also is a little more roomy than the rose will challenger, as I have the same case, and cable management is kind of difficult.

    Another case that you could get is

    Which is even better than the HAF 912 and has 3 fans, and would be a good deal also.
  2. I've built in the haf 912 and its a great case. Any of the haf series will be great temp wise. I have a 932 and my temps are at least 5-10 degrees lower than similar components in a lesser case.
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  4. Yeah my challenger has a small rat's nest where the Solid State Drives mount into it. Unfortunately my PSU is not modular so that ends up blocking all the airflow from the front bottom fan.

    Also I am planning on changing my PSU's fan and just attaching the cord to the mobo instead of the PSU. The PSU fan I currently have is really loud, think it may be defective.
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