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Hello. I am trying to find a good case that can fit the ROG Maximums V Extreme and water cooling options. I dont want a humungous case. I want a sleek looking case with a side window.

I really like the Silverstone Temjin TJ04-E and Corsair 70. I also like a case that can keep my compnents cool like the TJo4-E. I Have no budget. THANKYOU :D
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  1. The CoolerMaster HAF 922 is very good, or the NZXT Phantom. Whats your price range?
  2. I have no price range. I what a simple one like the one I wrote about. I like sleek design, with big clear window.
  3. C70 is fine
  4. In which case the NZXT Phantom will fit the water cooling and is very sleek looking :)
  5. redeemer said:
    C70 is fine

    Yes I know, but heard it have bad heating problems and cant fit eatx, also I heard it is really small. Thanks anyways :D
  6. Than have a look at 550D. It's a superior case. (But it dsnt have a window)

    You can look smth more classic like the CM 690 II w/ window.

    I wanted to pick up Corsair 500R or Cm 690 II but i ended with this case cuz of the high shipping.
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