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Hey everyone,

I am looking at getting my first ever gaming pc soon as I have primarily been a console gamer up until now. I have done research into building a pc but I'm still not confident in being able to choose the right components that will give me the best value for money. I have about $1000 (AUD) to spend on it and I am hoping that someone would be able to give me a build that would suit this budget. However I do not need a monitor, mouse or keyboard as I already have these. So for $1000 (AUD) I need the following:

- Case

- Video Card



- Motherboard

- Power Supply

- Hard Drive

- CD Drive

(Not sure if there is anything i have missed)

I hope someone can help me out, i would be very grateful if they did.
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  1. hey mate what state are you for a little more help?
    i recently built my first gaming build. I wasn't confident like you but in the end its pretty easy. Im in Australia, Sydney so it was pretty hard to find bargains here and there but still you can always find something thats cheap and good!
  2. Im in South Australia
  3. I would go with MSY. Theyre service isnt the best, but the prices are great in SA

    Intel Core™ i5-3570K Processor: *No Webpage* $241
    Ga-z77x-d3h: $159
    Inno3d GTX670: $452 *or gigabyte 670* for an extra $50

    *They have a few good bargins there if you want to look to see which ones the best for you
    Kingston HyperX 8gb 1600mhz: $55
    Seagate 1tb 6gbs: $92
    OCZ Vertex 4 64gb: $99 ****IF WANTED***
    Asus 23.6" 1920x1080: $169
    Coolermaster Storm Enforcer: $92
    Coolermaster extreme power 650+: $75

    **Amd GPU: Sapphire 7850 OC $265 or if you want to spend extra $100 with the 7870 OC

    The total is about $1335 without SSD with nvidia setup or Amd setup no ssd= $1148

    If you would like a cheaper setup or a mid range GPU like a 6850 or 560ti or something changed reply to me thanks!
  4. Sorry i forgot about getting rid of the monitor so about $169 off all prices
  5. Overall if you want a good one around your budget i recommended:

    Intel Core™ i5-3570K Processor: *No Webpage* $241
    Ga-z77x-d3h: $159
    Kingston HyperX 8gb 1600mhz: $55
    Seagate 1tb 6gbs: $92
    OCZ Vertex 4 64gb: $99
    Coolermaster Storm Enforcer: $92
    Coolermaster extreme power 650+: $75 Sapphire 7850 OC $265

    Total: $1078
  6. Also a dvd burner: $21 very good, got one for mine! Burns, plays, whatever!
    If you want a os you can get linux for free, download windows 8 release preview off microsoft* vailid till early 2013 or you can buy windows 7 *very cheap in early $100s
  7. Looks good, thanks for the help, would i also need to buy any fans/heatsinks
  8. You probably wouldnt need any heatsink unless your overclocking or doing some intense gaming for ages, but if you really want one, you could get a coolermaster hyper 212 evo. Theyre very cheap and great performance, makes your cpu very cool. Alot of people have them if they dont want the stock cooler. But if you want to you can just stay with your stock cooler, its alright, i run my server 24x7, got a amd fx, use a stock cooler, lowered voltage only alittle bit, saves energy, stops alot of heating and dosent damage your cpu
  9. I will probably go with the build you gave me, a couple of the parts you suggested I was looking at as well on MSY but i wasnt 100% sure so i though i might need some help. Thanks for the help you have given me, hopefully i can get the parts within the next couple of weeks and put it togther.
  10. No problem mate, if you need some help later just ask!
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