6870 @GB Xfire VS 560 ti 1GB SLI

Which is better?

A 560 ti 1GB will have better performance on its own. But in SLI, there's an issue of VRAM for Ultra settings.

Will two 6870s with 2 GB of VRAM in Xfire surpass a 560 ti SLI configuration with 1 GB only?

I need to know because 2 GB version of 560 ti in my region is very expensive.

thx in advance!
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  1. Depends on the game and what resolution you play at.
    The 560ti SLI is better and is quite fast and I have no issues with vram.
    It all comes down to your budget and the rest of your system specs.
    You may also want to consider getting a stronger single graphics card and going xfire/SLI later.
  2. The Vram does not set how fast your card is it helps when you have more than one monitor or your resolution is more that 1920 x 1200. Unless you are doing what I just stated then I would get the 560 ti.

    So here is a link the 6870 vs the 560 ti in SLI/CF. One more thing since the cards are so close if you are using higher graphics or more than one monitor then if it is cheaper then get the 6870. I hope this helps and good luck to you.
  3. I'll be playing at 1920X1080, with ultra settings.
  4. Would you consider the 670?
    Single card with better performance, less heat, noise and power.
    For approximately 400 bucks with performance close to a 680 its worth a mention.
    But you will have to grab it quick as they will sell out quite fast.
  5. Quote:
    6870 CFX, microstutter heaven... no thanks ;)

    Yup I agree , not a good set up to go for.
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    Yeah the 560 ti and avoid the problem with the 6870. I forgot about that.
  7. ok. thanx a lot!:D
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