CM Storm Enforcer Front fan filter problem.

Hi, I am wondering if there is a way to buy a front fan filter for the CM Storm Enforcer. I have looked on Newegg and Amazon but get no results. So I must be doing something wrong or they don't have any. MY front Filter is cheap mesh and the little strings holding it together keep coming apart and poking my fan. The filter is half the size it used to be. So if anyone knows where I could purchase a filter that would be cool. Sorry for my stupidity.
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  1. If they are 120mm you could try here
  2. Maybe one of these then
  3. Raiddinn said:
    Maybe one of these then
    That wouldn't work I think. The front grill is rectangular and the mesh goes into these cheap metal slots to hold it down I was wondering if there is any place to get those exact ones or fit.
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