Eyefinity setup with 1 hdmi and 1 dvi and 1 mini displayport to dvi

Hello folks,

What im trying to accomplish here is setting up an HDTV that only supports hdmi as a digital input. So what i have done is went out and purchased this mini display-port adapter to single link dvi adapter(active) http://www.microcenter.com/single_product_results.phtml?product_id=0361998. I have currently seated the hdmi cable directly on the video card while i use the adapter for one of the dvi connections for the monitor and it still a not working. Im not sure if i need to do something on the software side but im thinking it should just show up automatically.
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  1. go into catalyst and under "desktop management" then "creating and arranging displays". see if it shows three displays there. if so just right click on them and click extend.
    for an actual eyefinity setup where all your monitors act exactly like a single really wide one. you of course have to go into the eyefinity section of catalyst. and its really simple from there.
  2. You know i just figured it out but now im trying to get it to have its on section of realestate because when i maximize it goes accross the whole screen
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