In need of a cpu upgrade. Any reccomendations?

I've had this computer for a while, and i've put in a GeForce GTX 560 so I can run more games on it. Lately, i've been having a lot of fps hits in both games and just by watching videos on youtube. It can run Skyrim on max settings, but I tried to play another game and it wouldn't even start up for me. Upon further inspection, I found out that the cpu i've been running with is a Pentium G620.

Now, I am currently looking for a fairly budget cpu that I put in to replace what I currently have. Can anyone help me with this?

Link with all the original parts:

The only things I have changed are the GPU(GeForce GTX 560) and the PSU, which is a OCZ ModXStream 600W
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  1. i3 2100.
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