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Cooler Master 212 EVO vs 212 Plus?

I'm getting ready to do a new build using the i5-3570K, and am going to be getting an after market cooler. I was wondering if there is a preference between the 212 EVO or 212 PLUS by Cooler Master as they seem to share most of the same specs and price points. One thing I wasn't able to locate was the Db range on the it higher or comparable to the EVO?

Thanks for any suggestions!
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  1. The plus is the more performance orientated one and the evo is meant for silencer operation. It is a nice cooler but really good cooling is what you want, rather get something more expensive if you are able
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    For the same price EVO is the better cooler but they are similar in noise and I selected 212+ for $5 savings when buying. Did not need that extra 1-2°C the EVO provides.
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