Bad m/b or CPU?

My computer stopped working and son said he smelled something burning. When I got home a few days later I took the computer apart. I dont see anything burned or bubbled. i really dont smell anyhting anymore. I have verified that its not the power supple. When I unhook the 4 pin cable for the power to the cpu the computer comes on. I get 1 of the 4 LED lights on the motherboard. All 4 are normally on. So do i have a bad board or cpu.

MSI NF750-G55
AMD 945
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  1. Hi :)

    If the computer comes ON at all ..its NOT the cpu..

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Well I am not too sure of your problem, it may be helpful to know the colour of the LED on your motherboard. I remember that if its blue that has something to do with the power phases. Anyways just a general note, CPUs typically last a long time, I have a Duron 900 that is around 10 years old and it still runs. Motherboards on the other hand have a much shorter lifespan, depending on temperatures it could have lived a short time. Anyways what were you temperatures like before this happened for the CPU and the motherboard?
  3. There are four blue LED lights on when the computer runs normally. When the first one is on it means phase one power to CPU. The fan does come on when i unplug the 4 wire cable that powers the cpu. So does the CPU work? I'm not sure but nothing happens but all 4 LEDs blink when I hit the power button unless I unplug the CPU power cable.
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