Shipping GTX 680 from US to UK HELP NEEDED


The price of a reference GTX 680 in Us is $500 but for the rest of the world its around $670... :heink:

My relative from the US can get the GTX 680 for $500 (assuming availability) and I am thinking of shipping it to India (or UK, as I am going there in a few month's time)....

I saw the USPS shipping calculator and I am considering Priority Mail® International Large Flat Rate Box and it costs only $60 [] which comes out to $60 in total, which is nowhere compared to $670 provided, I have not missed any other extra charges/procedures... So my questions are

1. So, are there any other charges/procedures for shipping it, like customs duty and all or is it just the $60 and I am good ?
2. Is the USPS Large Flat Rate Box enough for the whole package of GTX 680 (seems enough to me by seeing the picture of it)
3. Are there any other cheaper Shipping services, please tell me....
4. and what brand provides International warranty ?

Thanks for your time.. detailed replies are welcome
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More about shipping needed
  1. Here is my recommendation before you buy the 680... the GTX 670 will be out in less than a week and should be in computer stores in UK so you would be able to just go in and buy one... the 670 is performing close to e 680 at stock..
  2. usps is your best option probably. Fedex and UPS would charge significantly more. Not sure about duty/ import fees
  3. Best answer Seems like your best in stock 680 in the UK.

    When importing stuff from America the base price will almost certainly be lower, in your case your looking at about £350. However to pass customs you have to pay huge fees making it alot less appealing. Parcel force charge an £8-£12 charge ( roughly can't remember exactly ) for delivering the parcel, however customs add on pretty much everything they can and sting you for every last penny. For example a couple of months ago I purchased some new longboard decks from a small builder abroad, I got about 3 for me and my friends to save on the postage and the base price was about $350 ( expensive skateboards.. right? ) upon entering the UK I had to pay around £80-£100 can't remember completely but it shocked me. In the past I have gotten shipments that bypassed the customs charges by making the value as $19 and marking it as a gift, which may not be an option for you as you will only get that $19 back if anything goes wrong. Shows some information about it, however your more than likely looking to be stung an extra £120 + on top of that payment and having to wait longer than if you did buy it in the UK.

    Good luck man!

    EDIT : Just re-read the post and you said about shipping to India which I didn't realise before, I have no idea what its like in India, but in the UK it sucks.
  4. As ifluxx above may avoid many of the fees if it marked as a gift
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  6. Thanks everyone, sounds like shipping is cumbersome and not worth the trouble ....
    :X :X
    No cost saving is worth the headache any unexpected extra fees that might get slapped at me at the last moment... Moreover theres no 100% guarantee the product might get shipped in perfect condition., so there is the possibility that I might be lose $500 trying to save $100...

    I will get a GTX 670 , ..... the review shows it is close to a reference GTX680 and a moderately overclocked 670 is on par and sometimes bests the 680......
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