Plug SATA hard drive with power coming from a different PSU

Hi guys.

I want to plug the hard drive I use for school in my desktop computer but there's just no plug left from the PSU.

So I took a really old PSU from a really old computer thinking I could just use that source of power. I jumped the 24 pin (green and black) to get the PSU powered on without a motherboard, power sems on (although really low) but when I plug in the SATA to the computer nothing happens (no light, no noise, seems off).

Any ideas?

Here are some pictures to help you help me :)

(for some reason photos uploaded upside down...sorry)
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  1. Hi, Try restarting the computer with the school HDD connected that way.
  2. it still didn't work...the fans are running really slowly it's weird...maybe it's just dead cause it's really old haha
  3. I had that same thought only I was going to use another pc with motherboard to supply power...
    on second thought, are you sure you have the right connectors jumped? this link here shows different ones used than in your image:
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