Zogis or ECS for GTX 560?


I finally decided to get a gtx 560 but in the store im gonna buy it, they have ECS GTX 560 and Zogis GTX 560, the price is the same and actually there are 2 models of ECS GTX 560 so I'm confused in which to buy, I've read that brands doesn't matter unless it adds something to the videocard or is a really bad brand but I don't really know which one to choose.

So which one is a better brand?

Here are the links, it's in spanish but you can see the models, specs and pics.




Thanks in advance.
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  1. You didn't post the links.

    And to be honest I've never heard of either brand before, unless it's been translated for some reason.
  2. Sorry and links fixed.

    The ECS also says "ELITEGROUP"
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