Antec EA-650 + Lian Li PC-Q18: Will it fit??

The PC-Q18's specs say it fits PSU's up to 160mm, but I've read vague posts in places about it not actually fitting that size of PSU's. There really aren't very many reviews/posts online that I could find about the case that could confirm either way though.

The Antec EA-650 Green has these specs, which is smaller than the 160mm clearance that the PC-Q18 states, but close and again I was concerned about how tight it might actually be:
Antec EA 650 Green
3.4" x 5.9" x 6.1"

Does anyone have experience with this case, and various PSU sizes? I apologize for my ignorance, but I'm really inexperienced at building PC's, and I am not even sure whether it's the 150 or 155 mm measurement that would apply to the 160mm 'limit' of the Lian Li.

Thanks for the help.
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  1. The PSU will physically fit in the case. However you also have to consider the cables, which will surely make it a lot more difficult to install it successfully into the case.

    Considering that you are using a Mini-ITX case, I seriously doubt that you need a 650W PSU.
    So if you haven't bought it already then I would suggest choosing a smaller wattage unit, which gives you a greater choice of units which will be small enough.

    Such as SilverStone Strider Plus 500W ST50F-P ($77 @ NCIX US)
  2. So, long story short, I actually have already bought it. But it only cost me 35 and I'd swallow the 15% restocking fee if I had to. I initially thought I was going micro ATX, and then saw how big the few cases I was looking at still were (Fractal design define mini, a couple lian li ones), and saw a few of the mini ITX gaming threads that looked promising, and decided I needed to go for it.

    I'm planning on building a HTPC/media server / gaming rig, so I'm not sure I actually might need the power. My current thoughts are -
    16gb ripjaws 1866
    nvidia geforce gtx 650 ti 2GB
    some ITX mobo (maybe the asrock, or asus if i really feel like spluging)
    180gb intel 330 SSD
    2-4 WD Red 2Tb or 3Tb HDD's (in the hot swappable bays)

    Any idea what you'd estimate that combination at? Could I get by with a 500W PSU? I was thinking for my specific thoughts/goals, this case works really well with its size being a little bigger than a lot of mITX's good for air and the hot swappable hdd bays being convenient for media, but if i'm returning the psu anyway are there any cases you'd suggest for this application instead?

    Thanks again
  3. I've had a wee look for you on the internet and I think a 160mm PSUs actually fits fine as long as it's not a modular PSU and the bunch of cable is on the 'standard place'. You PSU isn't modular and 5mm smaller so I think it'll fit. However, the assembly won't be very easy.

    You can see a picture of a PSU (150mm) fitted in the case here:
    And here one with a 140mm modular PSU:

    A 500W PSU should be fine, as long as it is from a good brand it's alright. The Geforce 650Ti is relatively efficient and the 3570K doesn't draw that much energy either. You can do a quick calculation if you want to see for yourself:

    Although it's your choice of course, why do you choose for a K-series processor? Although they are much fun for overclocking, mITX motherboards usually do not offer a lot of overclocking features in general and your case doesn't either.
  4. I should mention I'm also thinking of putting a blu ray reader/writer in it too, since the case has a place for one.

    I chose K series because I like tinkering with stuff and have never had anything for overclocking before. I suppose i dont NEED to have one, but it was so close to the K in price though, I figured why not?

    Since I've already bought my PSU, and it was only $34, and I've read about it being nice and quiet, I'd preferrrr to keep it if I can. I'm concerned though if that length would cause damage to the cables, cramming them up against the chassis so hard (also this case doesn't have a backplate for the psu and it is green, might be a bit of an eyesore o_O). To be comfortable, does it really have to be 150mm or shorter?

    If I've already received it from newegg, there's no way to get around the restocking fee right? If I'm getting shorter and changing colors, it might be worth it (only get to build it once right?)
  5. Don't buy any mobo please.Go for something good and reliable like the ASrock z77 extreme 4.

    As for the PSU,it will fit.
    You dont need 1866mhz ram,1600 will suffice(you can OC them) so by ones with tighter timings.
  6. The ASRock Z77 Extreme 4 isn't ITX right? The Z77E-ITX is though, but personally I've got some rather good experience with Asus P8Z77-I Deluxe. Another option would be the P8H77I.
  7. How's this PSU compared to the silverstone? It's got a nice deal for 50 going on right now...
    Actually it looks like the 600w is the same price and same size-
    Again, it'd suck to have to pay the restocking fee but if there's anyway around it I'm all ears.

    Yeah, you're right about the ITX boards. I was looking at the asrock and asus boards you mentioned, but the asus is so expensive i was thinking i might go with the asrock.

    The 1866 RAM is only 59.99 on newegg right now-
    And the timings weren't any different from the equivalent 1600's for 69.99-

    But yeah- the main question is, do I swap the powersupply and pay the restocking, or try to stick it out? I haven't bought the q18 case yet but I feel like it's a good one for my needs w/ the gaming/cooling space and bays for media hdds.
    Thanks for the help!
  8. Corsair is definitely a good brand of PSUs, the CX-series are the budget series but they're still quite decent.

    I think it would be wise if you base your choice of PSU on the length (of course) but also on efficiency and temperature. As you have a really small case it's a huge advantage if you PSU doesn't get hot - and that's usually in linear relation with the efficiency. I've been running an Antec EA-430 Green in a ITX case an was quite pleased with the low temperatures so your EA-650 might be pretty good as well. I think you're current PSU is just fine, if you've to pay 15$ restocking fee (and shipping costs) I don't think it's worth to swap it. If you're unsure about the possibility of damaging cables you can always flank the metal of the chassis with some rubber or use a file to give the cables a little more room.

    You can go for the 1866MHz RAM modules but I'm not sure if an mITX motherboard does support it, you should check it but it's quite likely it won't (see below). Except for the price, your current choice of memory is a bit odd, if I can put it like that.
    Why don't you go for a 1600MHz module with CAS9 from a brand like Corsair or Kingston? You probably benefit more from the lower timings than from the higher MHz. Futhermore, you might even want to consider the low profile modules, or a least without the protruding heatsinks because you might actually bump into some problems if you want to use an aftermarket CPU cooler. You don't have a lot of space after all...
    I think I would recommend these ones:

    Asus' only Z77 mITX board is quite expensive indeed - it probably has a lot of features you don't actually need. There are however, also cheaper boards from Asus (non Z77) and some cheaper Z77 boards from Gigabyte as well, I would prefer them over the Asrock. My experience with the Intel mITX boards are very good as well, very reliable thought not the fastest.

    Here's a list of mITX s1155 boards on Egg... have a look at the supported memory modules:
    And this is a selection of the ones with a 77-series chipset
    (I think I would go for the Gigabyte)

    As you have chosen to add a decent amount of storage capacity and chosen to use WD Red drives, you are planning to use RAID aren't you? Although the WD Reds are designed for NAS purposes, keep in mind that the Intellipower 'speed' might cause some problems with some RAID-controllers (especially if you're upgrading to hardware raid in the future). If you're planning hotswapping the drives it's very likely you need a hardware RAID controller anyway.
  9. I can definitely skip this ram deal, I was just looking at it because of the good sale. I probably will either go with the gigabyte, asrock, or asus z77 mobo, but it looked like all of them supported faster than 1600 RAM (though in OC mode, does that make a difference if it supports it OC or natively?).

    I'm actually not familiar with how this hot-swappable drive cage works, and couldn't find any info on applications of it online. I'm not sure how intellipower would affect the RAID. Are red's not suggested to be used in red configurations, even though their NAS drives? My ideal use case for the PC I'm building would be to take 2 or 4 WD red's and have them in RAID 1 (2 drives) or RAID 6 (4 drives) to hold all my media. I would then want to be able to both play the media through my comp on a primary TV, and serve the media for wireless/remote playback on a client laptop/pc. Does this not work with this case/HDD combo? I'm not entirely sure I'd need the 'hotswappable' function since I'll probably just leave the drives in there and consume all my movies wirelessly (though the ability to hot-withdraw the drives to put in an external enclosure for mobile transportation would be an interesting feature, if that's what you can do with the hot-swap feature).

    I just realized I can still refuse the PSU package and get a full refund. Given my HTPC / HT server primary application (with a secondary application of gaming, photo/video editing), I was liking this Q18 case because of the drive capacity, disk drive availability, and airflow combination that would allow me to use the components I specified above. With all of my media being digital though, I could be convinced to just skip including a drive altogether, in which case I could change my target case to something that would be ideal for playing/serving media while having the ability to stay cool and allow for gaming (and also fit my EA-650 Green comfortably).

    Sorry for the long diatribe, but any thoughts? I want to get this right. Thanks for your help
  10. In terms of other case options, if I was foregoing an optical drive, this seemed to be a viable option for multiple internal 3.5" drives and a small size, while having room for a powerful system-

    Out of any case WITH a drive, I feel like the Q18 is my best bet. But I was looking at driveless options since I could see the possibility of a blu ray drive never being used even in a HTPC situation (again pretty much all my media is digital)
  11. Also the PC-Q25 seems good too for drive-less options with HDD capacity and room for good components/cooling. It seems pretty equivalent to the node 304, save that it doesn't have any front usb/audio ports.
  12. The IntelliPower drives (the Green and Red ones) are very energy efficient and the software RAID program the almost all NAS devices use (MDRAID if I'm not mistaken) is perfectly able to manage drives that have variable RPM and variable access times. However, this is certainly not the case for hardware RAID solutions - have a read on it I would say - it's nothing but disastrous. If you plan to go for a software raid, you're probably fine with those Intellipower drives.

    Apart from the fact that you should never remove a functional drives from a RAID 1/3/4/5 array because you loose the redundancy and slow down your computer for quite a long time because it needs to sync again - you're even not able to access the data on the drive because it's configured to use in a RAID array. You can however, add an extra non-raid drive which you use for hot-swapping but why don't you use USB3.0 of an e-SATA drive? Much easier.

    The type of case really depends on what you're planning to do and which design you like.
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