HD 5850 and 6970 BSOD + Driver Stopped Responding.

GA p55 ud3
kingston 1333 2gbX2
Hd 5850 / 6970
Corsair TX 850
Intel i5 (750)
Windows 7 x64 Home
No overclocking.

This has been going for about 6 months. Got the 6970 a couple of days back. I can play games for hours with no problem, only once did it "crash" when playing a game, ME3 and that during a video at the end. Otherwise it happens when using browsing watching streams etc.

The behavior before bsod is the same as with stopped responding. When at this site the gpu has to work hard apparently, cc 500 MHz, mc 1375 MHz (peak).
When i get the stopped responding message, both core clock and memory clock jump to peak. 880 MHz and 1375MHz or rather moments before the message during the freeze and black screen. Speed jumps down to idle after it "responds" again as if it was a digital wave signal in a sense.

It started with display driver stopped responding message, and then bsods. (with HD 5850)

reinstalled w7: didn't help
different drivers: didn't help
rebuildt it: didn't help
memory test: nada
memory different slots: nay
furmark: nill
flash bios: no

Hd6970 bsods bsods bsods

fresh installation W7: only 1 bsod. Plenty stopped responding
older driver: nope
increase idle clock: nah
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  1. Can't edit my post so i'll add this.

    I've had 5 "stopped responding" today.
    This is from just now.
  2. Nothing?
  3. i'm getting the same thing with a 5870. It all started with a recent adobe flash update about a week ago and since then I have been dealing with the exact same issue: BSOD when watching streams. I tried redoing drivers, registry cleaning, last known good configuration, system restore, swapping cards (i have 2 in crossfire)...nothing.

    Since I'm in the same boat, I'll let you know if I find something that works. Until then, I'm going watch this thread and hope for the best.
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