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Hey TM I Wanted To Know Witch I Would Get Higher FPS With An Intel Core I5 3550 With An GTX 560 TI Or A AMD Phenom X4 965 BE With A Radeon HD 7870 GHZ Edition I Wont Be Overclocking This Is For Gaming Also I Order This Week So A Speedy Responce Would Be Nice And They Both Have Same Exact Secs Minus The MOBO's....Thanks Toms Hardware You Guys Never Fail To Deliver :sol: :sol: :sol:
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  1. Also I3 2120 Or AMD Phenom X4 965 BE
  2. the 7870 and the 965BE would have the best FPS.

    I guess there is a budget to consider. the i5 3550 is better for future gaming. the 560 Ti is OK for gaming.

    if you play BF3 online I wouldn't get a i3 2120 as it is pushed to its limits on some 64 player maps.

    I wish you would provide some more context for the choices. If i was on a gaming budget and wanted to build a rig, I would want any quad core LGA 1155 CPU (SB/IVY) I could get and the best GPU I could afford - HD 7850/7870 or GTX 570/670.

    it looks like you are about $50-60 off or having a great gaming rig.

    I would look for a i5 3450 or 3550 with a HF 7850 (better than the 560ti) or a GTX 570 (there are some sweet deals on them right now)

    watch for deals over the 4th of July weekend and you may get to have the i5 and the 7870 :)
  3. That all depends on what kind of budget we're working with. If you fill this out we can better assist you:
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