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So Thursday morning my lil brother decided to turn off the fans on my CPU case ( have side pannels which control the fan speeds). I get home from school play bf3 the tf2 then homework then tf2 then more homework. Now it's night time and I was Gona battlefield 3. As soon as I launch bf3 my monitors says going to sleep mode. Fk I instantly knew its a gpu problem. I can hear gun shots and *** but when I turn on my monitor it doesn't find signal (VGA dvi or hdmi) and I know it's pluged in correctly. Did I kill my gpu? I have a zodiac gtx 670. Also how do I at least use the VGA built into my mobo so I can at least do my home work. Don't ignore I need you guys!!!!
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  1. Hi, IMO It's a cable issue or a monitor one. The PC would not work with a faulty GPU. Have you restarted and still the same?
  2. To use your onboard you need to remove the card. Shutting of case fans by itself should not kill your card but all cards can go bad, is it displaying everything else?
  3. Kk so o tried taking out gpu do I can use VGA, but same problem exists. I have used both hdmi and dvi so it's nit cable. Might have to replace whole monitor right? Srry for spelling on iPod touch :(
  4. Can you connect the PC to a TV or a borrowed monitor?
  5. Tried different monitors and still problem exists. I can go onto the mobo's VGA. Starting to think its gpu....
  6. You can try testing the graphis card in a friend's PC.
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