Comparison list with laptop and desktop gpus?

Hey guys, I was looking for a list of all laptop and desktop GPUs by ranking/performance. I am getting a GT640M. The problem is that I was looking at system requirements for games and they only list them for desktop GPUs, but I want to play on my laptop (shame on me :P). Can you guys help me out? If not, then can you at least give me an equivalent to my graphics card? Thanks a lot!
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  1. There's one on Tom's hardware. Just search up "graphics card hierarchy chart and you'll be set.
  2. it is not easy to compare a desktop gpu with laptop gpus, they are completely different and the performance is much lower on laptop gpus.

    But that gpu should be very good, and it will probably fit in minimum requirements of any game for now and in future. but of course, some games on lower settings etc...

    you can see that it is better than the 555m that is a awesome laptop GPU.

    but i would say something close to a gts250 for desktop, or something like that. but of course there are other diferentials, new architecture, dx11, etc... but really that is just a suposition;
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