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Okay so i'm planning my first build and I just want to go ahead and order but I feel I'm probably leaving something out. I currently don't play any games on PC so its main use will be video editing and probably some games. I live in ireland and preferably would like everything to be below 1500 including postage and any other charges. Probably should include more but thats all I can think of. I want a reliable futureproof pc for at least the next 3 years.

Case:Ok I wasnt sure between the HAF-X , HAF 932 advanced and HAF XM. I liked the 932 advanced as its metal and looks sick. I liked the HAF XM because it has the psu cover and newer usually is better. I went with the HAF X because of its sheer size and can be used for watercooling which I probably might do in the future.

CPU & COOLER Wasn't sure between the 2600k and 3770k. 2600k higher OC but IVY new kid and PCI 3.0. Not sure there but went with the IVY mainly because its new. Went with the NOCTUA NH C14 because its decent for air with good reviews. &

RAMCOrsair vengeance 16gb. God RAM Decent Price

DVD RW Asus dvd burner . Wont us much but worth having.

GPU ASUS 7870 2GB. Really was'nt sure for this but I hear its a decent card and ASUS is usually a good brand. I eventually going to have a multiple monitor setup and I hear AMD is best for that. Bit of an ASUS fanboy, they always make good products and I couldn't find any real proof of better brands to go with , just opinions. OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS HERE.

Motherboard ASUS SABERTOOTH Z77 : Really would have liked to get the one with a thunderbolt header but thats twice the price. SABERTOOTH is good tough board with good cooling.

PSU Corsair enthusiast 850W v2 Good price, can support any updates I willl do in future.

Mouse and keyboard Would have liked a mechanical keyboard but they are overpriced. So I went with a nice cheap Logitech wireless desktop one with mouse.

Anything left out, changes , suggestions opinions, all appreciated :)
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  1. I personally feel that the Sabertooth isn't worth the cost - as far as Thunderbolt goes it will be at least a year or two before there's anything that will take advantage of it, so even boards with that type of port will be a long way off.

    This would be a better board for less money:

    The 7870 is an excellent card but for a video editing system - if you're using Adobe products - particularly After Effects - it's not required but CUDA-based cards like a Quaddro 4000 or GTX 670 would be worth a look:

    As far as CPU and cooler go - if you're going to be using newer GPUs, it'd be far more worth it to get a CPU that supports PCI Gen 3, because you don't want to water down an expensive GPU. Maybe go for something like this:

    And then for cooler - Noctuas are excellent. I like the D14 and the NH-U9B:

    Alternately if you want a suggestion for cooler I'd suggest this:

    For case the HAF XM is fine, if you want an alternate suggestion try this:
  2. Get the 3770 cpu
    get the GA-Z77-UD5H it is cheaper and is a very nice motherboard..with the money you save you can get a geforce 670 instead of the 7870 it is worth it
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