Case and power supply fan always at the iddle

This is the problem: chase's fan and power supply fan are always working on 1000 rpm.. Its not enough, so when i start a game, pc crashes: it freezes for about 2 minutes and than restarts.. Ive tryed to change the speed with sppedFan, but it does not any thing.
This problem come up when i bought a new motherboard, Asus p7p55 lx.
I also enabled speed control in bios, it still 100rpm.
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  1. Is the case fan actually connected to the motherboard or is it connected to the PSU with a Molex connector?
  2. Obviously its connected!
  3. to motherboard
  4. Have you installed all the drivers for the motherboard, perhaps there is a specific one for fan control??
  5. Ok, your motherboard has something called ASUS EPU which controlls your fan speeds for energy saving purposes, try disabling this in your BIOS.
  6. Yes, i updated chipset driver.. Can u give me the link with the fan control driver, cause i cant find anything.. My notherboard is asus p7p55 lx
  7. ok, im gonna give a try
  8. Let me know how you get on
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