Why this this GTX560 ti cheaper than reg. 560

I was wonder why Zotac's GTX 560 AMP! ti is cheaper than their regular GTX 560 AMP! on newegg? The reason it bothers me is because I have the GTX 560 AMP! and I want to get another to SLI, but it just kills me to spend $40 more for the inferior card.

TI version $209.99 regular $179.99 with rebate

Non ti version $219.99
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  1. GTX560 has 336 cuda cores. Ti has 384 and SLIGHTLY higher clock speeds. That's basically it.
  2. Yes,

    So why does the TI with more cores, higher clock speeds end up costing $40 less?
  3. It only shows a $10 difference for me. Anyway, I haven't the slightest clue. That's just a very overpriced GTX 560 non-ti. Normally it costs about $170.
  4. The 560 you posted comes with a non reference cooler, which is why it costs more.
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