Will a sound card benefit a USB Microphone?

I recently bought a Blue Yeti Pro, because of its reasonable audio quality bucked with the ability to use USB, XLR and a direct headphone jack. Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase but I must ask.... Will a sound card benefit a USB Microphone? I tried to google and search around, but I found no direct answers, any help would be appreciated.

Also, what sound card would you recommend for vocals if it were to be the case?
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  1. A USB mic would have its own integrated Analog-to-USB converter which makes the sound card irrelevant as far as the mic function is concerned.

    If you are going to use a USB mic, simply plug the mic in a regular USB port and forget about the sound card.
  2. Invalid is correct. FYI, I have a logitech USB Mic.
  3. As said, Invalid is correct. USB audio devices are basically stand alone soundcards, and thus do not benefit from having a standard internal soundcard.
  4. One thing the USB port on the sound card might have that standard USB ports might not have (as much) of is filtering on the USB power feed. But if the USB devices is designed properly, which I would expect if you are looking at professional-grade stuff (XLR), this should make little to no difference.
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