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I have a dell Inspiron 530S and it will not start. I recently bought a Dell Deminsion that is older. I already bought a upgrade kit from Best buy but it does not work with the older computer. Trying to get something off the hard drive I need. Will any power supply work or do I need a certain model? How will I know which one to buy that will work with my computer? Don't want to waste anymore money. Any ideas??? Thanks!
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  1. Get a eternal HHD enclosure for about $20. Take out the HHD from the bad computer and put it inti the external case(buy a 3.5 inch sata or ide type depending on the HHD connection). The enclosure will com with a power plug and usb cable to connect to a working computer. Now you have a external HHD.
  2. the external drive enclosures is a better bet
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