XW 8200 powersupply change

Hello, I want to change my powersupply to 1000w, but i have some suspiciousness if can work any powersupply or need to be just HP made?
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  1. What do you have in your system? I highly doubt you have any need for anything anywhere near 1000W, it has 2 CPUs but only a single PCI-e 16x slot so you have zero need for anything over 650 W, it isn't possible to need more with that motherboard.

    It looks like a standard case though so it should work with any standard ATX power supply.
  2. i have 2 cpu xeon 3.6, and gtx 470 it consume alot energy
  3. 2 xeons is at most 130 W each, for 260 W, a GTX 470 consumes about 215 W of power, thats only 475 W, about 550 W max for the whole system assuming a few hard drives. It doesn't actually consume anywhere near as much as you think, if you want to check get a kill-a-watt meter, it plugs into the wall between the wall and the computer power cord, it will tell you exactly how much power you are using, and it is rarely what you would expect.

    After finally finding a spec sheet, the 3.6GHz Xeon you have is the narcona which has a TDP of 103 W per processor so you are likely only around 500 W
  4. Why i have so much problem with this graphic card i get blue screen, black screen frozen, i cant run the game in high perfomance at resulotion 1280x1024, can you help me?
  5. Hack you cleaned the dust from the video card.

    I would run memtest86+ to ensure the memory is in good working order. Bad ram causes so many BSODs


    If that fails to find a problem/solution come on back and we can try some other things.
  6. I did it but 0 errors in rams, damn
  7. how long did you test?

    Is the video/cpu coolers clean?

    Get bluescreen view to see what the error is. Get us some error codes.

  8. That was wayyyy to short for a real memtest run. Let it run for at least 5 passes, i would just leave it to run overnight, its not a fast program and it takes a while to check every single block of memory repeatly
  9. i did the test more than 50% no errors, and with older graphics card 9600 gt, i never get same error. The 9600 gt work perfectly, but this gtx i dont know where is the problem
  10. If the 9600 works , maybe the current card is on its way out.

    That said, memtest86 has to get several passes to be good. As users above, I run overnight to 24 hours.

    Prime95 with blend of custom blend also tends to crash with memory errors.

    Did bluescreen view give you any codes?
  11. but i dont get bluescreen always, but this card run in my system 20-40 fps in high bfbc2, crysis 15-25 fps, crysis 2 20-30 fps. hmm maybe the problem is the system i have xw8200 3.6 x2 cpu, maybe it is older and when i do 3dmark test i get terrible FPS is physics test the cpu dont support it and this can be the problem
  12. The blue screens may give you an idea of what is going on.

    if my physics you mean PhysX by Nvidia, your video card will take care of it.

    The slowest test I remember is the CPU test. It is always slow because it does not use the video card at all.
  13. Any idea how to fix it, because right now i am watching to buy motherboard cpu combo, but i dont have enough money :S, will better if i found i soultion and work with this pc
  14. are all your drivers up to date?

    I am stiller interested in some longer runs of memtest and your blue screen reports.

    What operating system on you on? XP? XP 64 bit?
  15. I have all drivers, i will do the memtest more longer, and the windows 7 32bit i am using
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