Screen freezing / unresponsive

Any help would be hugely appreciated.

Every so often, my screen randomly decides to freeze on me. The mouse, keyboard and screen become unresponsive, and the only thing I can do is to reboot with the front button. However, it doesn't seem to do it a second time after booting. Only when I start my computer after shutting down does it do it (after 5mins to a couple of hours). Once restarting it won't do it again. This also seemed to happen only after the installation of my GPU (i was using the integrated HD 3000 in the motherboard while waiting for the 6850 to arrive). I can play games very nice and smooth, including bulletstorm, guildwars etc, which makes me think it isn't the PSU, but I could be wrong.

I used a clean installation of windows 7 64 bit ultimate. I haven't yet configured my bios, but I have the latest update and all the latest drivers for all the components of my PC.

here's a list of my parts (i built the PC myself)

Asus M5A78L-M LX

AMD fx4100

MSI radeon 6850

OCZ 500W CoreXStream PSU

Toshiba Harddrive

Ballistix RAM 8GB

if anyone has any idea on what might be causing this, please do help! it's driving me nuts!
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  1. Try reseating your GPU, it might be loose. Or if you get the Blue Screen Of Death, you might have a virus
  2. Is your CPU or GPU overclocked? Also try running memtest86 and check with another PSU.
  3. No, don't think they're overclocked
  4. I've also reinstalled my graphics drivers to see if that would make a difference
  5. Might be your PSU or ram. Run memtest86 and see if you get any errors. Also it could be your PSU so if you have a spare one then test your system on that.
    Any of the above is the most likely that is the problem, if not then just take the card back and all should be good
  6. is your bios up to date there been a few bios updates to fix stability from asus web page. also have you tried the newest chipset drivers from amd. the one on asus web page are out of date. in the owers guild of the mb did you set the first video card to be the 16x port and turn off surround view pages 2-14/2-15. looks like a feture that not needed or could cause issue with newer gaming cards. then only otehr setting i would change is the umd frame size. if the computer setting it to low it could be bottlenecking the gpu.
  7. I've taken out my graphics card and uninstalled the drivers for the time being. The freeze only occurred when it was installed. If I don't get the problem within the next few days, I know that what's causing it will either be the PSU or GPU
  8. No freeze for 2 days after taking out the graphics card
  9. Try running Furmark to stress your video card and see if that crashes your computer.
    If you still have the warranty then I recommend sending it back.
  10. i think your gnu clock is not on the stock ! just search for your default gpu clocks and ... tune them in the AMD OVER drive ... it wil be okay
  11. babarv2 said:
    i think your gnu clock is not on the stock ! just search for your default gpu clocks and ... tune them in the AMD OVER drive ... it wil be okay

    sorry, i'm really not following. Please could you rephrase or go into a bit more depth?
  12. it froze again as well after reinstalling the gpu
  13. Sorry, ignore that ^. I worked it out anyway. I'm using AMD Overdrive on the AMD catalyst controller thingy. My GPU high performance clock is at 775.
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