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well i just bought the corsair 800d which you already know is a nice watercooling case. Well my question is does anyone know of any websites or people were the watercooling can be installed for me. I just dont have the guts to do it myself. thanks for any help given
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  1. You really don't want someone else building your loop. You may be somewhat apprehensive, that is to be expected but don't let that stop you. Read the stickies here
    and at other forums. If you follow the steps correctly, you really can't mess things up too bad.
    The basic problem with having someone else do your loop is, you still have to fill and then leak test it before you can fire up your machine...
    My $0.02 - BTW, to answer your question, I am not aware of any websites/shops that perform that type of service - if you're local to a college, you may be able to find someone there who's able to help.
  2. do a lot of research
  3. redeemer said:
    do a lot of research

    Do you recommend any starter kits? And is it easier than some seem to make it out to be?
  4. For a starter type kit you really can't go wrong (IMO) with the XSPC Raystorm 750 RX240 found here
    I'm running it's predecessor kit, the Rasa and it found it to be very straight forward in installation and almost as easy to install as an all-in-one unit. It comes with all the tubing and fittings and everything needed to set up a watercooled CPU.
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