How do I get my second computer hooked up to the internet?

I have a laptop running on a wireless router to access the internet through Sky. They reconfigured my router to improve the download speed, unfortunately, now I cannot access the net with my desktop. I have asked Sky tech support for help, but their response was, "we only support access to the internet, not resolving PC tech issues".
Can anyone help please? :fou:
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  1. you would be better served posting that question in the networking section.

    since you're here; do you have a budget to build an awesome gaming rig?
  2. they may have put a wep key on the unit. did they stick a sticker on the bottom of the unit or give you a card or paperwork with the wep key?? if not your best bet is use the reset button on the back of the router to reset it back to factory and but your own wep key on it that you know. if you have the tech id that worked on your back the isp and ask for lev 2 or level 3 customer support. with the tech id there should have been some noted on the new wep key. here when comcast or virizion set up a wep key it goes into work log notes..some tech even have a label maker and print it out and put the wep on the bottom of there equipment.
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