I need help! New computer wont turn on!

Hey guys, I just built a new computer with the ASRock Z77 Pro3 Motherboard and the CM 690 II advanced case. At the beginning of the build, I tried to do an external build, where the motherboard has the CPU, RAM, and GPU, and its hooked up to the PSU and also hooked up to a monitor. This is to see if any of your major parts don't work before you begin working inside the case. Now To turn on your external build, you short circuit two pins with a screwdriver. I tried this and the pseudocomputer didn't turn on. I assumed it was nothing, then went on to put everything inside the case. I hooked up the monitor to the tower, turned on the PSU, plugged in the PSU and monitor, held my breath, hit the power button, and.......NOTHING! Please help, I don't know what's wrong and I don't want a $1200 paperweight. Thanks!
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  1. Well my first suggestion is to disconnect the power supply from everything and then pick up the 24 pin connector and with a paper clip bend it into a v/u shape and insert it into a hole with a green wire in it and another with a black wire. If that does not turn it on then the power supply is defective. If it does but can't power on your build have you got enough watts to even power it on?
  2. Well yeah, I'm using the OCZ medXstream pro 600w PSU, ill try what u said about the psu. also, I'm building on carpet, would that affect anything?
  3. lol, nevermind guys. I did everything rigt. I replaced the PSU cable and i re-wired the case cables. It works perfectly now. Thanks anyway!
  4. Hey there, think you really should not build a computer on a carpet.... try a table or static-free work environment or just wear an anti-static wrist strap. Anyways glad you got it running.
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