Whats fermi?

I have seen the word FERMI in parenthesis on a few video cards what does this mean exactly?
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  1. I also would like to know what do they mean by A/A
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    Fermi is the name of the chip Nvidia uses for their series of Graphics cards, The newer series cards are named Kepler, its like Intel using names like Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge , its just a name for the chipset.
    AA is Anti Aliasing, its a mode you select for your graphics cards settings that reduces jagged lines.
    Do a wiki search on it if you want more info about it all.
  3. I have used the power of the Google to provide results to your queries:

    Fermi the name of an Nvidia architecture:

    AA refers to Anti-Aliasing:
  4. Fermi is the architecture of the GPUs in the GTX 400 series of graphics cards and the GTX 500 series of graphics cards made by Nvidia. It's like how Intel's latest CPUs have the Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge architecture and AMD's latest CPUs have the Bulldozer architecture. It doesn't mean that the cards are any better than any other cards, just that they use the Fermi architecture.
  5. Thanks all, you have been really helpful.
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