Would either video card work at optimal performance in my motherboard?

My motherboard is a

The video cards are

I have a DVI and a VGA port in my monitor. I'm just kinda lost on why it has two DVI ports is it for dual monitors or for another purpose, also if someone could tell me which will run on world of warcraft better.

If you need anymore info to help answer/solve my problem please let me know, don't be shy. :D
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  1. what cpu are you using?
  2. I would go with the eVGA GTX 550 Ti over the MSI GTX 460.
    The eVGA got better reviews on Newegg and has a better warranty.
    They are very close to the same speed.
    Yes, the two DVI ports is for two monitors.

    How many fans you got in that case?
  3. Points:
    - the best value is an HD6870 on sale (see NCIX, Newegg etc)

    - the graphics cards have multiple outputs because they can run multiple monitors at the same time

    - You will be using the DVI->DVI cable.
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    I also would go for the HD6870, but between the two options you have given, the GTX460 was a higher performance GPU (about 15% according to Annand) but required more power and created more heat.

  5. Ok, thanks for the info everyone.
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