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Hi all,
Sorry I had posted this on the other forum.

I have a SCSI scanner , its on a ISA card =o( . I noticed on the scanner it has a cable connection for other devices, I was wondering if its a good idea to add extra devices on this expansion slot or get another scsi card/pci and use that instead?.

Whats the bad on the ISA slot anyway?

Also just been reading about problems with changing from the dedicated scanner card to a universal SCSI card on PCI slot. Also interesting about USB being so slow, my ol' scanner is An Acer Prisa 610S and still think it does a great job.Dont want to part with it, cost me a pretty penny.

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  1. ISA is too slow for most drives, but OK for scanners for the most part. I dump the old cards and put in a nice PCI SCSI card to take advantage of it's performance on other things.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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