Which LED monitor is best for my needs/budget

Thanks in advance, everyone!

My Samsung SyncMaster 226BW 22" Widescreen is almost over five years old. I do a lot of writing, a lot of design, gaming, etc...

I'm looking at upgrading to an LED 24". I've looked through and have seen the prices go from $300-$800 and up.

My budget cannot exceed $400. I really need to stay within $300-350 at the most.

Which is the best quality LED monitor for that price range? Any insight would be deeply appreciated.

Again, many thanks!

P.S. I've seen some Asus monitors for decent prices on Newegg, but how good are Asus monitors?

Again, thanks!
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    I know this is not the answer you want to here, but here goes

    Buying a computer screen is very personal. Some users want speed over all else and will pick a TN panel. Others want color over all else and get IPS(NOT E-IPS). You have choices in between as well like e-ips(any cheaper screen sold under the IPS screen type will most times be e-ips). You may also still find some PVA type screens on the market that offered decent color and response time. Samsung has a new PLS screen type that is supposed to be a good balance, but you I will have to see it first.

    Personally I have a S-PVA(older then what you have) screen and it works well for me for the most part, before that was a very expensive TN(at one point even TN screens could cost lots).

    I personally recommend checking out as many local stores as you can to see what you like.

    Point in case, i have had quite a few LCD screens(LED is just a LCD screen with LED backlighting to replace the older CFL backlights. Think CFL to LED light bulbs).

    Many times I have seen some very bad screens(even a 500-600 dollar Sony[mind you, this was years back now], sure it was nice and bright but its dark colors all blended together). To that point, I try to check out the monitors in the store now since some users will be fine with a certain screen type while others will just hate that thing.

    I actually bring a laptop to the store and request to test images from bright to dark to see what it looks like as well as checking the response. Since LCD makers like to sort of lie about access times(well more like give the best case numbers).
  2. Nukemaster,

    I deeply appreciate your insight and advice. Actually, that is exactly what I needed to hear.

    I was able to locate an Asus VS239H IPS panel based monitor within my budget. The store claims that they have one on display, so like you said, that will help me out a great deal.

    Again, thanks! Now I know where to look.
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