Randomly froze, now won't even boot windows... :(

My computer is dying, but what part is dying? Previously it would freeze randomly. Screen would just freeze, no warning, no recovering. It blue screened the first time with the cause being Display Driver or something. Now it won't even load windows, it gets close(windows 7, it gets to the colors) and restarts, then says it couldn't boot and I choose between doing it again or trying to do Startup Repair. Startup Repair doesn't finish, it freezes. The screen freezes there too, and as usual I can't even move the mouse cursor. It can even freeze before I can even so anything after I turn it on.

Any help would be appreciated.

Windows 7
GTX 260 nvidia
Intel core 2 duo i8400
8gb ram
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  1. first unplug power AC from PSU , check all conection reseat RAM .. can you go safemode ? .. if you had vga onboard try it first / remove gtx260
  2. also test your PSU , test RAM with memtes86+, HDD
  3. henydiah said:
    first unplug power AC from PSU , check all conection reseat RAM .. can you go safemode ? .. if you had vga onboard try it first / remove gtx260

    Will try these tomorrow and report back. And no, I can't even try safe mode at this point.
  4. -Sounds like a power issue with your graphics card.

    possible causes:
    - low power from power supply to graphics card external power connector.
    - low power coming to the graphics card via the PCI bus, could be caused by another card on the same bus (remove extra cards)
    - graphics card pulling too much power on startup. if overclocked reduce or underclock the card. remove the the card and blow any dust off it and its fan(s). Make sure the fans are still spinning free.

    test power supply or swap it out, then if that is not it swap out the graphics card.

    Best guess is a power issue caused by a partial failure of the power supply.
  5. Thank you for your replies. I was miraculously able to finish system repair(no good) and tried to so a system restore to weeks ago. Now it boots up, but it still freezes and now sometimes it recovers, saying something about nvidia kernel something. Any further ideas? Running virtual ram stress test causes it to slow and freeze after a few minutes running. Thanks again!
  6. Now that I am on my regular computer and not an iPod touch, I can show you the issue now.

    I will test an earlier version of the driver, considering this is a "beta" driver, even though it worked perfectly almost 2 months prior to this incident.

    When another crash does occur, and it doesn't recover(meaning it simply freezes the screen, the mouse is completely frozen and unmovable, nothing works and I have to force restart/shut down), 9/10 it'll freeze sooner, or even before Windows fully boots up which sounds suspicious.
  7. seem problem GPU ... too hot or artifac
  8. if you get a freeze before the OS loads, it is going to be hardware issue.

    If it is a timing issue in the electronics, you can try to under clock your card. Also, make sure you are not overclocking your PCI bus via BIOS. Blow dust out of your card with compressed air. I have "Fixed" a lot of electronics that way.
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