GELID slim case fan with LEDs??

Hello, I found this fan but can't find it being sold anywhere. Does anyone know any manufacturers that sell this yet?

My side intake fan to my antec 900 case doesn't fit after installing my zalman 9900 cpu fan. I really like all my fans to have LEDs (vanity, I know) but I can't find any slim case fans with LEDs other than this one.
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  1. You shouldn't need a side fan in the 900.
  2. Thanks that was very helpful...

    I'll be the one to decide if I want a side fan for my comp or not.

    I wasn't asking if I needed a side fan, I was asking if anyone had seen this product being sold anywhere.
  3. I've been needing a slim side fan too. Searched on Google and that's how I came across your post. So, thanks, lmfao.
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