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I'm currently deployed to Afghanistan and while doing a survey of our FOB we found 3 Dell PowerEdge R710 server racks with drives. However, between the three of them only 2 processors work. We have one server fully up and running ad through this server we verified that both processors do work and that all the RAM we currently have is valid. We've also checked the drives through this server rack. The other two racks however we cannot get to POST. We've tried both processors in the slot for the CPU 1 and get no response from the machines whatsoever but when we put the CPU in slot 2 the machines boots but before it can post it fails out since there is no CPU in slot 1. When we put both CPUs in these machines we get no response whatsoever. We've tried cleaning the socket making sure no pins are messed up everything we can think of. Does anyone know of a way to get these servers to default to CPU slot 2 so we can get these running.
We would try ordering a new MB but our supply chain refuses to order any PC components so we're kind of stuck there.
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  1. DELL has a HW Owners Document here: that has all the details, but a single CPU in socket 2 will not work.
  2. Does the LED on the front of the server give you an error code?
    Do you get any beeps when you power on the server?
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