Can M26GT4-A-LF motherboard supports ddr3 graphics card

plz help me...i have M26GT4-A-LF motherboard with Amd sempron 140...can my motherboard support DDR3 Graphics card
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  1. If the card is PCI-E and the board has a PCI-E slot, then yes.
  2. yes it has PCI-Ex16 but it is of 1.0 version slot and ddr3 graphics cards are in the market are of 2.0 version...
  3. Ya that's not a problem, you can use a 2.0 card in a 1.0 slot or vice versa.
  4. and why you have 2 accounts.. forgot the password of first one? :P
  5. yupp i forgot...
    ohh thnx CDdude55 i m satisfied with ur answer
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