Why cannot i set my screen resolution at the same for all files

My screen suddenly went haywire and all my files came into view in a huge size. I reset the resolution in one file and applied it and saved the changes but the next file still had the problem and when I went back to the file I had changed it had reverted to the wrong resolution. How do I stop this happening?
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  1. I'm not sure what you mean - you don't set resolution in files (except in images/video editing - but that's different than screen resolution). Do you mean your screen res is off? or suddenly everything is opening as "zoomed in"? And what types of files?

    What res were you using?
  2. Thank you. You have it spot on. In Word 2007 my files were opening zoomed in (enormous) and although I went through the process of changing the resaolution to the recommended one (applyiong and saving the changes) and that sorted it out whilst the file ws on my scren, as soon as I left that file and went elsewhere, when I came back it had zoomed in again. I have now got it so that the files look right but when clicking on a file within a folder, my scrfeen goes black before the file appears andsagain when I save the file. ny ideas?
  3. I would try re-installing your gpu drivers...what are your system specs?
  4. Thank you to everyone. I finally discovered that I had to tell Windows 7 to run Office 2007 in compatabilty mode.

    Problem now resolved.
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