Build Custom Light Server for Virtual Machines

I need a basic server which will run a few (about 5 or more) virtual machines. The machines will be light, because they will mostly be used for browser tasks, nothing too heavy. I will aslo use it for a local web server, again not too complicated.

So I have at disposal the following components:

1. ADM Athlon II X4 631 with Asus F1A55 motherboard
2. Intel Q6600 with Asus P5Q3 motherboard

4 x 4 DDR3 Ram 1333

two 64GB SSD Hard drives

and about 5 300gb seagate sata3 and WD 1TB

How do you recommend that I should go for this build?

1. Should I go for the AMD X4 631 or Q6600
2. Not sure how many virtual machines should I install per hard drive, but since they will be lightly use for mostly browser activities I could go for 2 per hard drive or maybe 3 per drive?
3. How should I arrange the hard drives? Which ones for VMs, where the host? The 1TB will be for storage, not sure if I could install one VM there too, or the host? Open to any suggestion on how it will be more efficient.
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  1. What hypervisor will you be using? What guest OS's do you intend running?
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