How much VRAM do i need?

I'm planning to run Battlefield 3 max settings in 2 combined monitors. How much VRAM and system specs do i need to run BF3?
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  1. Are you building a computer? For a video card the more v-ram the better so starting with 2gb you can also get 3gb , either one will do.
  2. Yes, but I'm not sure whether to get the GTX 560 Ti 2gb with 384 CUDA Cores or the GTX 560 Ti 1.25gb with 448 CUDA Cores :)
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    I would get the 560Ti 448 cores. The thing you want to consider is that with two monitors the bezel will be right in the middle where the gun sight is and makes for awkward gameplay. I wouls also make sure that you can do two monitor gaming with the 560TI , Nvidia requires two cards in SLI to do more than one monitor unl;ess you have the GTX 680.
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  5. Thanks so much! I forgot to mention that i was gonna get SLI and your right i didn't think the 2 monitors through with the gun sight and all.... I guess ill use one monitor for now and mabey consider getting 2 more for 3 monitor action later! THANKS AGAIN MATE! :)
  6. Yes, the 448 has more raw performance, but it might run out of vram if you go 3 monitors... Even with two it's possible you could run into trouble with very demanding games. You're probably OK anyway, but does anyone else have experience here?
  7. 1gb of VRAM will start to bottlekneck a setup running 5760*1080.

    1gb It even starts to effect gaming above 1080p (e.g. 2560x1440)
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