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Remove case fans in winter?

I just had a question that I thought I'd bring up to the community. Do you guys unplug, turn down or remove your case fans in winter or do you just let them go?

It's currently 20c in my room and these are my CPU & GPU temps.

My setup is the Antec Gaming One with 4x Rosewill 120mm White LED 75cfm fans.

1x Front Intake
1x Side Panel Intake
1x Rear Exhaust
1x Top Exhaust

They are all running at 100% (I need a fan controller). I was thinking of cutting power to the 2 intakes. Then again, does it really matter?
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    I would strongly urge you to keep the fans still running, without any fans you wont have airflow which will cause overheating once your computer is put into load such as gaming. The fans are used to push warm air out the case, your case temperatures are low right now because the intake fans are bringing in cold air from outside into the case. Without the intake fans expect higher temperatures.

    Anyways back to the main question, yes I do keep my fans still running in the winter but I do keep them a bit lowered with a fan controller. You may be fine if you do take out a intake fan for now if it really matters.

    Anyways this will do the trick:

    or if you are on a tight budget:

    Edit: Anyways those are fantastic temperatures for your computer. What kind of CPU cooler are you using?
  2. Stock HSF that came with the i3-2100.
  3. Wow that's real nice temperatures for the stock heatsink, makes perfect sense based on your computer case and your fan setup.
  4. I think I'll just grab a fan controller. I should have picked one up a long time ago. These 120's move a LOT of air but are loud. Remind of the old 80mm Delta's we used to use to cool our Athlon XP-M's
  5. Haha, I think I still have a delta fan somewhere that does 4000 rpm or something like that. Sounds like a jet taking off :lol: Anyways about the fan controllers I posted try and go for the 1st one, the 2nd one has mixed reviews and some people have complained of it going on fire. Don't want your build to be at risk from it so avoid it.

    Edit: here is the link to my fan,
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