Blue screen errors due to radeon hd 5450

Dear techs,
I am having blue screen errors after installing xfx radeon hd 5450. Please help
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  1. When do these happen? Right as you turn on the computer? After windows boots? After you've been gaming for a while?

    Are you sure you seated it correctly and all cables are correctly connected?

    Did you install the latest drivers from AMD's website?

    Is it the same blue screen you get when you unplug the cable from the monitor?

    Does it have a fan/does the fan spin up? Do the lights come on?

    Did you make sure to plug the monitor directly into the 5450, not the motherboard?

    Does it work fine if you take out the 5450 and use the integrated graphics? Can you test with another video card? Can you test the 5450 in another system?

    Can you test with another power supply?

    Could you give us the model of computer you are putting it in and the model of 5450 you bought?
  2. This happened after windows boots 2 times then third time it happened during booting process right after it showed the bios version.
    yes i am sure it is correctly seated.

    I have 12.3 driver. I didn't download 12.4 because most users are complaining against it at the amd forum

    no when i unplug cable from monitor it shows check signal cable as i have a LCD screen

    yes the fan spins and it works too..i bought it yesterday

    yes, the vga cable is connected to card not the board, if it is connected to board then a blank screen appears

    yes it works fine after card removal

    the power supply is good.

    I have a P5Q Vm motherboard and my hd 5450 model is HD-545X-CD.

    P.S. - My motherboard has PCIe 2.0 x16 so I have updated the bios bcoz the card has pcie 2.1 support. The card fits perfectly and I have updated bios. after updating bios i havent restarted the pc.
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