Is My Hard-drive Failing??

My hard-drive used to be working fine for more than a year until one day I could not get my computer to start. I am using Windows XP and it could only load for a while before it got stuck and the system restarts by itself. I had to run CHKDSK /r in recovery mode using my Windows XP CD in order to get my computer to successfully start. It usually reports that CHKDSK had fixed one or more error on my disk. I last had this problem a few months ago and it has been rather rampant this time around!
The problem doesn't just end there, my computer crashes every time I run many applications at a time and sometimes, "My Documents" becomes unresponsive when I try accessing the file. After it crashes, it all comes down to luck on whether Windows can successfully load or I will have to run CHKDSK /r in recovery mode again to get Windows started again. Again, CHKDSK reported it had fixed one or more errors on my disk.
Strangely, I had tried running a full CHKDSK using the Windows XP program but it reported no error! There aren't any clicking sounds on my hard-drive either!
At the moment, I believe that all of my problems are caused by a possible failing hard-drive. Am I right or are there any other related problems?
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  1. Well then one way to check if your hard drive is failing then run speedfan, click on the smart tab and click perform in depth analysis inline and it will give you a heads up if it's going bad.
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