Is it worth gettinga FX6300

hi is it worth upgrading from a Phenom II 965 BE to a FX 6300
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  1. No not really, the fx-6300 is a slight improvement over the 965 BE but if you can overclock the Phenom 965 you can close the gap between the two. Anyways for gaming focus on the video card. My vote goes to the Phenom.
  2. ok thanks

    Doesn't show a lot but it might be helpful.

    965 is still a great chip. Personally I'm wating for Steamroller. Supposedly they have like the baby Jesus of CPU architecture working at AMD now and his is pointing them the right direction. Not sure how true that is but I hope Steamroller has even bigger gains. I still feel Piledriver is what Bulldozer should have been.
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