Computer fails to recognize my VID CARD! D:

Dear technologically geniuses,

I seem to have a problem. My computer no longer recognizes my GPU. I opened my computer up to check if it is in working order, and it is running. I think this problem roughly started when I tried to plug in the VGA to HDMI converter.

Here's the whole story:
I have a really old monitor CM-926D (CMV) and I bought a VGA (i think that's what it's called) to HDMI chord. I plugged it in to my comp and the monitor, no luck. So I assumed that the monitor doesn't accept this conversion so I went back to the VGA/DVI on the computer end and it works. I am currently plugging in the video output from the video card and it works just fine. The reason why I said that I don't think it's working anymore is
1) There was a weird conversion of my original video preferences settings when I turned on my comp few days ago
2) Counterstrike 1.6 has terrible graphics no matter on what setting
3) I tried to re-rate my computer rating and it is unable to complete probably because the vidcard is not responding

All of these lead to the conclusion that my vidcard isn't working anymore

Here are a few stats on my comp:
ASrock extreme 3 Gen3
Radeon 6850
i7 2600
PSU 650
80g SSD intel
2tb WD HD

Please help me out, I don't know what to do. Should I try to update the driver for my GPU? :/ I'm confused!
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  1. what may be the issue is what video port is set as the first one. on mb with a built in video port in the bios those ports are set to be the first ones. what i would try before you say the adaptore is bad is to power the pc down and unplug the power cord.
    let the pc drain for a few min. install the card back in and make sure all the power connectors are connected. once all the power is connected to the video card power the pc up and go into the bios and change the first video device to the pci video card. hit save and exit. on reboot the onboard video should turn off and the new video card port should be on.
  2. Might just be a bad converter, I have had that problem many times, It migh tbe the monitor not supporting the Under/overscan set buy the HDMI on the card. Try a DVI to VGA connector, and use a VGA cord, should work. DVI is the same as HDMI, just without audio.
  3. I've checked whether if the video card is the first boot option and it is. I even made sure by following your directions of unplugging everything and reinstalling the vid card. The problem isn't solve yet :(

    Is there anyway for me to actually check if my video card is being useful?

    I am currently plugged into the video card's DVI port through a VGA/DVI converter and the cable leads to my VGA monitor. Everything worked...but then it seems like the vidcard stopped being useful while I can still use it for normal browsing through the internet.

    What's going on! Maybe my video card isn't broken??
  4. I would say start with a monitoring utility like msi afterburner for example. That program will detect your gpu for one. If it is detected, then continue to run a game or benchmark to put a load on the gpu and report back to whats happening. If it's not detected, then you will have to investigate that issue. By swapping out your connections a lot from the back of the card, maybe you cause the card to not be seated properly into the MB
  5. I have identified the root of the problem and it seems that my Video Card IS detected but there is a software problem with it. In the end, the computer is not using it because of this problem

    here's the problem presented by the devise manager
    Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device. A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or that might be malicious software from an unknown source. (Code 52)

    Any solutions guys?

    The Driver is completely updated, I can't think of anything else that can fix this problem :(
  6. I would completely wipe and clean your drivers and registry with something like ccleaner and then install new ones.
  7. - uninstall all amd drivers
    - run ccleaner
    - run driver sweeper
    - install latest driver
  8. Hi all,
    the problem has been resolved. I simply uninstalled the driver and installed it again. Thanks for all your help!
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