Graphics crashing my PC

Hi all, hope you can help advise what needs to be done to fix my PC

Started crashing (straight switching off and restarting) a few months ago when playing Dawn Of War 2. Rate of crashing increased until game unplayable; Other lower-spec games (e.g. DoW1) started having same problem soon afterwards. Eventually, PC crashing with no games playing

Opened the PC, cleaned out the dust (especially on cooling fan attached to main processer) and problem appears to have improved because it no longer crashes unless playing games. DoW1 and 2 still unplayable though. "Solve PC issues" [in system tray] suggests I fix a problem with the NVIDIA graphics card

Don't know what I need to do to fix this, suspect I might consider replacing the graphics card anyway as it's out of date, and maybe the proceesser chip too, but don't know what limitations I need to consider when doing so - can I just replace those two components? are there other things than limit what I can replace them with? Can I just stick any new and better replacements in, and expect them to work without problems?

Any advice appreciated, thanks

Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 processer
1GB NVIDIA GeForce GT220 graphics
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  1. Sounds like either a Overheating problem, or bad drivers. Try to download the newest drivers from Nvidia and uninstall the old drivers 1st, don't install the driver over the old driver, causes problems. Check the Temps as well of both CPU and GPU.
  2. It looks like your gpu is dying. It's also obsolete for gaming. Replacing it is easy and you don't have to worry about upgrading the mobo or anything.

    I will recommend a card after you tell me the following:
    -complete computer specs (case, PSU, mobo, etc) or if you bought it prebuilt just the name.
    -games and expected performance

    You shouldn't need to upgrade the cpu unless you need to play games like BF3 on max graphics.
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