Asus gtx 560 Vs evga gtx 560

What is the best vga card from these 2 cards ?
ASUS GTX 560 DirectCU II OC &
EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Superclocked

Please help me... Please consider the thermal solutions of these cards...
I don't care about the price.
Thank You.
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  1. I think eVGA Superclocked GPUs uses NVidia reference cooler and the ASUS one uses DCUII cooler. So in terms of thermal solution, ASUS one is better. Personally I would take the ASUS one but yes eVGA has really nice support and warranty. It's up to you. Also the 6870 above seems to be a really nice deal, if you can get the 6870 in $160 (and $160 is lower than those 560s), go get the 6870.
  2. Tanx for the answer refillable i bought asus. I think it'll be a good decision. I don't like ATI GPUs personally. So 560s is better.
  3. close this thread please, thanks. Hope your card would be great in the system.
  4. I had two GTX 560ti's in a previous system and they we're EVGA and had the same shroud.

    The performed just fine but it sounded like there were cicadas in my PC when the fan speed went over 40% at all. VERY annoying. Avoid that cooler IMO.

    I actually have had a DirectCU 1 and it was much more quiet.
  5. Cicadas? LOL
  6. What's cicadas?
  7. The most annoying living things ever.
  8. Haha I know what Cicadas are , does it sound that bad? LOL
  9. Yeah it got really bad when I tried being aggressive with fan speeds.

    This model here. Worst shroud ever.
  10. Hehe yeah you cant be too aggressive with the fan curve , Ive learnt that lesson well with my EVGA 680. Just gotta find the sweet spot.
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