No Screen/Signal on Mobo/CPU/Ram Test

Well, Today i started the build for a friend of mine. spent roughly 2 hours putting everything below together (Slowly i might add, dunno if 2 hours is good or bad). And unfortunately he got called into work 10 mins before we stopped w/ the problem below.
Everything is at his house Atm we'll be continuing tomorrow (as long as nothing is wrong/said to be wrong by you guys).

Problem (for us) first of all, i did not know that to power on that Power supply, we had to have the ( - ) side down (i believe im use to it being the other side?).

We tried to do a test boot with everything below connected w/ the ( O ) side down, Board wouldn't turn on.

Turned power supply to other mode ( - ) unplugged/replugged everything, Switched to ( O ) side, tried to turn the board on, still wouldn't go. thought to myself maybe we'll try with the other side/switch. Waited a bit, flipped board power switch on. Success but was expecting a screen to pop up (usually a black screen w/ a message).

With nothing popping up i retry, hold power down for 20 seconds/let board sit a bit/let the lights go off. try again & nothing happens... so in my mind i am panicking as i hope i didn't screw anything up :X...

will not connecting a VGA card affect if there should or shouldn't be a message screen up. or the HDMI to Vizio be the problem? (Keep in mind if we need a real monitor then i'f have to bring mine switch i really don't wanna hassle with :X)

Currently using the following components:
212 Plus
i5 3570k
Asrock z77 Extreme4
G. Skill Sniper

connected with the following, to the following

Rosewill HDMI
32' Vizio (no link)
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  1. also, there was no beep on start up/fans were spinning as usual
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