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What are some cards that are similar to the GTX 560 TI from evga, i am not fussed by amd or nvidea i am looking for something around $200 Im in australia.
If there is an amd card similar in performance and price with eyefinity support that would suit me quite well, as i own 3 monitors but my current EVGA GT430 gpu doesnt support 3.
Crossfire or SLI support would be handy.
Allthough my mainboard doesnt support it i may upgrade later
If you would like to know the specs of my system so you can judge what the best card would be here it is: Core i5 2500 3.3ghz
4gb ram atm (8gb later in the week)
500gb Samsung HDD
Asus P8H61-M LE
GT430 Graphics card at the moment.
500watt Thermaltake powersupply (Can upgrade if needed)

I have plenty of space in my current case The Aopen Nagas G5.

I mainly play games on my system although i do some photo editing.
I am not after the best overclocking perfromance from a graphics card.

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    for your money... well the 7850 from radeon. though that should cost abt 240-250 $
  2. Kk will that support eyefinity in games at a decent fps?
  3. I have looked it up and i am looking at the XFX 7850 i have seen it does support eyefinity in gaming but as the last post states why does it need the cfx or sli
  4. Why is it that it will need Sli or cfx, is it because of the game graphics quality is improving?
  5. The 560 Ti was nVidia's top selling card last time's market sahre among gamers was bigger than all DX11 AMD cards in the 68XX and 69xx series put together. Last I looked at the cards hitting Steam Servers as of end of February .... The 560 held 10.25% market share among DX11 cards and the 4 AMD cards totaled just 10.15%.

    As well as it was accepted in the market place though, I still think it's a bit weak for 3 screens....even with two in SLI if you're playing the more demanding games. To cross 3 screens with a single card, I think I'd wait a bit and see how the 660 Ti stacks up against the 78xx series.....but that will still be above $200.

    A single screen is 1/3 the amount of pixels as a singe screen, so 3 times as many "dots" to move around...that's quite a load increase.
  6. Medium detail with that card would be fine i have done a bit of research into it and it looks like the card i need it is a huge step from the GT430 i have it is around my price range all in all it just looks perfect.
    Thankyou for you all spending your time to help me
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